Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Washi by Maoiliosa

Washi is a type of decorative paper made in Japan. Melissa Rogers has found several of different uses for Washi paper, and you can find her tiny creations on her Etsy shop, Washi by Maoiliosa.

Melissa’s unique shop name comes from a moniker she created several years ago. There was a period of her life where she was interested in Celtic things, and she found that “Maoiliosa” is the Gaelic equivalent to Melissa. So, she’s been going by Maoiliosa online ever since.

Melissa stumbled on to Etsy while Google searching for more Washi paper. “I immediately began thinking about opening a shop, and in mid-January, I became an Etsy seller. it has been the most rewarding experience I’ve ever had!”

It is obvious by glancing into her shop that Melissa’s favorite material is the great Washi paper that she collects. “I LOVE finding the precise little spot on the huge sheet of paper that I will feature on a pendant!” Her other great inspiration is music, and she listens to music that conveys the same feelings that her pieces do, such as Bjork, Ellen Allien, and Kitaro.

Melissa finds encouragement from her supportive fiancé, and her best friend Sarah.

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