Saturday, February 2, 2008

Sparkling Stars

Etsy is full of jewelry makers, and each has their own take on the usual adornments. Ishi of Sparkling Stars has a wonderful selection of unique, funky, head turning jewelry that really stands out from the norm. You can see her love of dark and antiqued chain and high contrast colors in all of her designs.

Ishi is a part time crafter who spends evenings and weekends designing. “Sometimes my laundry and dishes pile up, but it always feels worth it.” She finds encouragement from her boyfriend and family, as well as the friends that she has found while networking. “It's great to find fellow artists and create your own supportive networks.”

Making creative jewelry isn’t the only talent Ishi has, she grew up playing piano, and taught herself flute and violin. She has played in a disco band while in Austin. She also majored in Math in college and works as a financial analyst. “I think doing such different things keeps me balanced and keeps me from going crazy on both sides. It’s good to come up for air sometimes, step away and then come back to what you're doing for a new perspective.”

You can check out Ishi’s blog here:


fuzzbuzz said...

I adore Ishi's stuff!

earmark said...

great blog - i love doing etsy reviews too!!