Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Alchemille's Garden

Body scrubs, incense, candles, teas, herbs and more can be found in the naturalist’s haven: Alchemille’s Garden. Alchemille is a well studied herbalist whose products are inspired by folk medicine.

Naturally, Alchemille’s favorite material to use are herbs. “I blend them in my teas, I infused them in oil for my body care items and I put them together as incense. I also make candles and accessories from time to time.”

Alchemille follows an Earth-based spiritual path, and this is a central part to all of the goods that she creates. All of her creations are completely natural with no artificial scents, and she uses recycled goods whenever it is possible.

“I started Alchemille's Garden about 2 years ago, when I realized that my first love was herbalism.” Before becoming a full time herbalist, Alchemille went to University and got a degree in Applied Arts, and another in Fashion/Textile Design. Aside from the herbs that she works with, she also finds inspiration from art, literature, and music.

When asked if she had any advice for fellow crafters, she said “Be true to yourself, follow your inspiration/dreams & be creative!”


SilverShadow Designs / BerryPatchDesigns said...
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Hedgewitch said...

great review of one of my favourite shops :-)

SilverShadow Designs / BerryPatchDesigns said...

Whooops! I've been hoping Alchemille would make Organic Shampoo and got carried away... LOL! I have hearted so many items of hers that I want...

Seriously, the Zen Coffee, Faery Magick Tea and the Shamaness Cream have been touted by so many people as being so good that I just have to have some!

Now I see the Grandma's Favorite Tea, which I will need to try: rosehips, jasmine and other goodies! All organic and pesticide free!

Femme Details said...

Very nice review!!!!