Thursday, September 18, 2008


I love to write. I'm a collector of journals. Some I write in, some I draw in, and some I just look at because they're so pretty I'm afraid to mess them up. Beth's lovely hand-bound journals are pretty enough to fall into that last category, but I doubt I could resist doodling on those pristine white pages! She creates focal points on some of the journals with sculpted clay, and this detail is a perfect transition to the other focus of her shop: polymer clay pendants.

Beth started UberArt when she found Etsy, thanks to her husband spotting an article in a business magazine. Since she has an interest in a variety of crafts she was not sure what sorts of goods would fill the pages of her site as time passed. “My main inspiration comes from being with other artists. I love working alongside others, sharing a creative aura and seeing the things we all come up with.”

Beth juggles being a full time mom to a toddler, and a part time crafter. Like many parents, her crafting time is found during nap times and once the little one has been tucked in bed at night. She has the constant support of her friends and family, “ [They] are always interested in my latest creations, or at least pretend to be!”

“I think my “Sand and Sky Journal” has become my signature item. I grew up near the beach and really enjoy incorporating seaglass into my work.”

I encourage everyone to take a peek in her shop, the photos are stunning, and you'll no doubt find a lovely treasure to make your own.