Monday, February 11, 2008

Baby Anne Quilts

When I was young, I loved to burrow under piles of quilts that I would pull from my mom’s heirloom chest. There were quilts pieced by my great grandmother, and my grandmother, and each one had a story. Heather of Baby Anne Quilts makes memories with her beautiful heirloom quilts. Her baby and doll quilts will definitely be cherished by your small ones, and would make great gifts for moms to be.

Heather started quilting when her husband urged her to find a hobby to relieve job stress. She finds inspiration everywhere in her world, “I've been inspired by the pattern of a cobblestoned sidewalk, the ceiling vaulting on a chapel ceiling, certain color combinations or just some great fabric that gets my imagination going!”

Heather’s degree in art history eventually led her to quilting. The history of quilting fascinated her and drew her into creating them. She has also written articles on the history of quilting, which Etsy published in the Storque. You can read the article here.

Heather is an American who has moved to Germany. To read more about her live in Europe and her craft, visit her blog.

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earth and sun folk said...

great write up...she does beautiful work!