Thursday, January 24, 2008

Le Petit Monstre

If you love monsters and fun off the wall art, you have to check out Le Petit Monstre. Ashley Dowdy is a self taught artist who uses bright colors and fun themes in her various creations. From shadowboxes to prints and lavender scented Monster Repellant spray, you will find all different kinds of fun surprises when you visit Ashley’s store.

Ashley is a full time mother and crafter. "My husband is a great man and I am truly blessed. He has given me the opportunity to stay home and raise our son, and he finances my expensive hobbies!" Some of her diverse talents that you may not find in her shop include culinary arts, and tattoo. She is currently focusing her energy on collage work, and enjoys cutting and assembling paper. "My favorite things to work with are paper, glitter, paint, buttons, little odds and ends."

"In the beginning, I was inspired by necessity. If I needed something but couldn't find it, I just learned how to make it. Now I am more inspired by other great artists." She lists some of her influences as Brian Andreas, Claudine Hellmuth, Keri Smith, as well as the other talented Etsy artists that she has on her favorite list.

"My shop will grow with me as I grow as an artist." As with all stay at home moms, Ashley juggles the task of spending time with her two year old son and crafting, finding time to work when her little one is in bed.

"I am so excited to have found the land of Etsy. If you would like to get to know me better, check out my blog at "


claudine hellmuth said...

so cute! I love the Love is Prickly piece!

Shannon said...

Very cute! Thanks for sharing. :)