Saturday, January 26, 2008

Karin Grow

Karin Grow first caught my eye with her striking retro paintings. I love monochrome art, and Karin’s execution is flawless. Paintings aren’t the only thing you’ll find in this talented artisan’s store however. There is a good deal of beautifully assembled beaded jewelry, candles, purses and more.

Karen’s brick and mortar shop, “Vintage Blues” is located in a little beach town in San Diego, California. “I love working with just about anything, paint,fabric,wax,gems etc…” She is a full-time artist and part-time crafter inspired by vintage Tropicana and nature. “My only advise for other shop owners or artists is to stay true to your style and you will attract the kind of people you'd like to be surrounded with. When your focus is on money and what others are doing, you work really suffers.”

She and her husband bought and moved into the house that she grew up in, as sixth in a line of ten siblings. “It was a wild and crazy house all the time… It has so many great memories for me.” Karen is the parent to three cats and the dogs. “I love my little creatures more than I can ever show them.”

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outofthepinksky said...

I hadn't seen her before. Lovely work. I especially love the Asian-inspired flowers.