Sunday, January 27, 2008

Furkid Fever

Today’s hottest accessories are the tiny four legged and furry ones. You can’t be seen out with your little dog in the nude, so trust Fern of FurkidFever to send your canine out in style. You can find Pooch flannel PJs or stylish dresses in custom sizes and fabrics.

Fern loves working with fabric. She does what she loves full time, “I'm a stay home wife and a furkid mom who is doing what she loves and loves what she’s doing.” She is a new seller on Etsy, having joined in November of ’07, but has already made a big splash with her canine couture. Fern finds encouragement to create from her husband, family and friends.

“Experiment and see what works best for you, don't get discouraged. Just do what you love and of course, promote, promote, promote.”


Steph said...

Cute pet stuff!
I'm pretty sure my hubby wouldn't let me dress up our BOY dog like that (I get to have enough fun with our daughters)
But this seller is great!

Sue said...

Too cute! Love those little outfits.