Saturday, March 22, 2008


Luxury, elegance, charm… all words that come to mind every time I come to the shop of Lori Patton. Aside from being a fun and friendly person to chat with, Lori has an exceptional eye for beauty and art. HeartworksbyLori features beautiful artwork designed to be displayed around your neck.

Lori is currently using a lot of brass, due to the versatility and vintage look that it gives her work. “I'm prone to switching back and forth from Sterling Silver, to faceted gemstones like Labradorite and Chalcedony, but brass is so versatile and the possibilities are endless.” She designs jewelry that she would love to wear, and is inspired by clothing, colors, and her personal mood. Since her personal style is so versatile, this is reflected in the jewelry she creates. “I like to create fun and flirty jewelry as well as classic and elegant styles with an added flair, all with the underlining tone of beauty. Sometimes I just glance at the colorful array of my materials and elements all spread out and a design just calls out to me to be made!”

Lori works on her jewelry part time, spending her days raising her three young boys. She does most of her creating once everyone’s tucked into bed. “My creative juices get flowing after dark, since I'm a total night owl, so it works out perfectly.” She finds encouragement from her husband, who tells her how beautiful her work is. Of course, she encourages herself to create and has a drive to perfect techniques and learn new skills.

Lori opened her shop around Christmas, and has experienced incredible success. Take a look at what’s making her such a big hit.


A Punkin Card Company said...

Very cute blog

Raven said...

Lori rocks...and so does her work!
My husband & I are both big fans of her. :)