Wednesday, March 26, 2008


J. Earles of Bijoutery Designs brings her professional knowledge of geology into her craft. “I'm currently a graduate student studying geoscience. It is my love of geology that has lead to an evolution of my jewelry design from primarily beadwork to working with stones and pearls.” J’s designs are elegant, and as you could imagine full of beautiful stones.

Probably one of my favorite parts of J’s store are the Firefly inspired jewelry designs. The fun sci-fi space cowboy TV series is written in a futuristic world that blends the culture from the East and West. It’s this mix of culture that J reflects in her Firefly jewelry line, and each piece would look at home on any of the female crew.

As a full time graduate student, J is only able to create part time. As with anyone who has full time commitments, J has to schedule time in for her craft as well. “It really gives me a break from school and I just love it too much not to find time to do it!”

J met Sara of skrhoades a year ago, and this fellow crafter encouraged her to start selling her jewelry at art shows, and introduced her to Etsy. Having the support of another crafter is what really got J going, and the two remain close friends despite living far away from one another.

“Do what you can when you can – don’t fret if you don’t have the time or funds to do everything at once! Just work with what you can now, and strive to improve your art and your shop little by little.”

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Bijoutery said...

Thank you for your very nice review! Love your blog - so many neat stores!