Thursday, April 24, 2008

Dvora Schleffer Designs

Dvora Schleffer Designs features beautiful silver jewelry, crocheted silver wire, and semi-precious gems. Each piece is delicate and airy, with attention paid to the finest detail.

Dvora finds her inspiration in nature, textiles, architecture, and the beautiful gemstones that she uses to create her subtle jewelry. “My favourite material is silver, I feel it holds endless possibilities and goes great with gemstones, resins and any other material that I like using.”

Dvora is a full time crafter. At one time, her jewelry was a side project, but she felt that her full time job limited her ability to create, so she made the decision to quit and create full time. Now, several years later, she has her own brick and mortar jewelry store in Israel, as well as her virtual storefront.

“Be patient and believe in yourself and in your designs.”

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